Friday, February 28, 2014


Still cold. Still stuck indoors too much.  Hence - another afghan in the works!  The instructions call it the Wool Eater.  Mine being made with (Vanna's Choice) acrylic, I am calling it the Yarneater.  And yes, I sing that to the tune of Hall & Oates "Maneater."  Don't judge.

The blanket is mostly made with triple crochets and it does indeed gobble up the yarn.  But it is sooo warm and cozy. 

I am loving the texture.


Davey likes it.  What do you all think?

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Polar Vortex

Um, yeah, so it's really, really cold.  I'm not a hat person, but even a not-a-hat-person needs a hat when it is 7 degrees before the wind chill.

I recently got three skeins of Bernat Roving in lazuli for the price of one.  Two are being made into the Little Present scarf for me.   So one skein remained for the woman's swirly brimmed hat!

The free pattern is available here:
(My only mod: I used a J hook because I couldn't find my K)

Great pattern!  Took less than a ball of yarn!  Took only two episodes of The Following!  And it looks kinda not too bad on this not-a-hat-person.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Floral Fiesta

About a year ago I saw this post:

Like that blogger, I am interested in an afghan where the squares are attached as you go.  I like the colors that she chose.  I wonder if she ever did finish the piece...

The original pattern she used can be found here:

Funny thing is, that picture would never have caught my eye.  I don't like the uneven edges or the tassels.  And using a round of white in each motif would make more ends to weave in.  Blerg.  Lesson: I need to be able to see beyond the colors and finishing because I am probably missing out on patterns that I would LOVE!

Anyway this blanket was in my mind when I happened upon a sale on Vickie Howell Sheepish which comes in a lot of brights.  I chose turquoise, red, white, teal, chartreuse and pumpkin.  I think the yarn's 30% wool content will make for a warm throw even though it is an open design.

I started my blanket in late March of last year.  But spring marched into summer, and who wants to make a wool blanket in summer?  I made some progress in the fall but then Christmas crafting got in the way.  The skeins are always sitting in a thirty-one tote (seriously, I get invited to one of these parties like once a month...sigh) ready to be worked on when I'm in between other projects.  I'm hoping that now that Christmas is over I can focus on this blanket and finish it by March!

I am pretty happy with the way it is turning out.  What do you think so far?

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A Little Present

I have a dear friend and we like to exchange little handmade gifts each year.  The freezing cold weather made me think scarf.  I found some Bernat Roving on sale and I just loved the warmth of it.

Here is an easy little pattern I came up with that just looks so nice with the chunky yarn.

Hook - N/10mm
Yarn - Bernat Roving in Putty (this is a #5 Bulky yarn, 80% acrylic/20% wool, hand wash, dry flat)  I used two entire skeins to make this scarf.

Chain 16
Row 1 - sc across (15)
Row 2 - dc in 1st stitch *sk 1 st, (sc, dc) in next st*  Repeat until last two st.  Sk, sc.  Ch 1. Turn.
Repeat row 2 until you are out of yarn.
Finish off
Join ends to create a circle.

Wear loose:

Wear  wrapped twice:

(*I asked my seven year old to take pictures of me wearing the scarf. Only take a picture of the scarf I said.  Just the scarf.  Not me.  So she took pictures of me making crazy faces.  Sigh.  I have cropped crazy-faced me out for your viewing safety.)

I liked this so much I bought more Bernat Roving yarn in blue (at a post-Christmas sale, natch) to make one for myself!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

A Warm and Stylish Neck

How lovely is this pattern?  So light!  So airy!  An indoor winter scarf.  And outdoor fall scarf.  I love versatility!

The free pattern is available here:

I used Patons Lace in patina and an E Hook.  I chained 44 for a narrower scarf. Then I connected it with a twist to make it a mobius.

It took about 3 rows of thinking before my fingers remembered the stitch.  I worked most of it up sitting in the backyard watching the kids play in those final seasonable days of late October.  Warm sun, cold air, kids laughing.  Maybe that is why I like this cowl so much.

My go to neck warmer with great memories in each stitch.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Beautiful Blooms

I whipped up these cute hair ties last year following this great tutorial on the Green Dragonfly:


Much like every other crafty mom on the planet, I love to make ribbon hair bows.  But those are usually attached to metal clips and those are a no-no for gym days.  Our school district dress code is black, white and gold which are all included in Lion Brand Bonbons Beach!  This is a cotton sport weight yarn that works up nice and crisp.  I think they still look good after being worn, tossed on the floor, found, worn, etc. for almost a year!

I think another pack of bonbons might cause me to hook up a few more of these flowers in different colors!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Pinterest Snacks

Ahhh, the preschool Christmas pageant.  I phoned it in for the Halloween party volunteering to bring in plates and napkins.  So I decided to get real this time. 

The treats table usually has lots of munchkins and cupcakes so I wanted to do something different.  I keep seeing this serving tray on Pinterest:

I followed the directions on this blog:  which told me to use a pan with sides to keep the candies from spreading too thin thus making the plate too delicate. 

The kids were kept occupied unwrapping the candies...and eating a few.  And the kitchen smelled wonderful while the peppermints melted!

Then we set to making gingerbread cookies.  We have both big and small cookie cutters.  And the small ones are tiny.  These enthusiastic helpers lost their interest and left me with the last few batches. 

But they were back for the decorating and I think our plate of tiny cookies came out great.   (The big cookies were just tossed in a disposable foil cake pan.)

Someone came up to me at the reception and said,"Oh how nice.  Tiny cookies so I don't have to ruin my diet!"  So there you go!  There is a need for tiny cookies!

I found that the peppermint plate was just a wee bit tacky even after it had completely cooled.  And I'm sure the tiniest bit of moisture would have caused a sticky mess.  So I sat it on a square paper plate and placed a sheet of wax paper under the cookies.

* * *

I thought the kids would also like these Grinch Kabobs that are all over Pinterest. 

I did the fruit slicing, the kids dipped the banana slices in lemon juice and assembled the kabobs.  And they made the tent card because they wanted everyone to know they were Grinches!

Sorry that some of the Grinch's Santa hats are flat, but seriously, strawberries cost about a zillion dollars at this time of year!  But no one seemed to mind.  This tray was one of the first ones emptied on the table!  Lesson:  there is a market for fruit; bring more healthy snacks.

Even though baking with the kids is exasperating (they bicker, they make a mess, the bicker some more, I drink two glasses of wine) I'm glad they were both so involved in making these treats.  They were proud to see everyone eating them at the reception and I'm sure there is a lesson there too.