Saturday, January 4, 2014

Floral Fiesta

About a year ago I saw this post:

Like that blogger, I am interested in an afghan where the squares are attached as you go.  I like the colors that she chose.  I wonder if she ever did finish the piece...

The original pattern she used can be found here:

Funny thing is, that picture would never have caught my eye.  I don't like the uneven edges or the tassels.  And using a round of white in each motif would make more ends to weave in.  Blerg.  Lesson: I need to be able to see beyond the colors and finishing because I am probably missing out on patterns that I would LOVE!

Anyway this blanket was in my mind when I happened upon a sale on Vickie Howell Sheepish which comes in a lot of brights.  I chose turquoise, red, white, teal, chartreuse and pumpkin.  I think the yarn's 30% wool content will make for a warm throw even though it is an open design.

I started my blanket in late March of last year.  But spring marched into summer, and who wants to make a wool blanket in summer?  I made some progress in the fall but then Christmas crafting got in the way.  The skeins are always sitting in a thirty-one tote (seriously, I get invited to one of these parties like once a month...sigh) ready to be worked on when I'm in between other projects.  I'm hoping that now that Christmas is over I can focus on this blanket and finish it by March!

I am pretty happy with the way it is turning out.  What do you think so far?

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  1. Jamie, this is just lovely!! I should have had you choose MY yarn when I started. Can't wait to see the finished product!!!! :)